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Butterfly farming is exciting and fun. It is also hard work.

Butterfly chrysalises pupae at Shady Oak Butterfly Farm

Butterfly chrysalises at
Shady Oak Butterfly Farm

Are you interested in a seminar to learn more about setting up your own butterfly farm? Look no further! Butterfly Farming (Butterfly Breeding) can be in your future. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see a few of the available dates in 2018.

Shady Oak Butterfly Farm has had the honor of hosting guests from 13 different countries at our butterfly farming seminars and internships.

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Topics and activities covered in our seminar programs:
Butterfly care, egg production, caterpillar/larvae production, chrysalis/pupae pinning, eclosing methods, lepidoptera disease identification and prevention, packing and shipping, instant/artificial diet, hand-pairing, plant propagation and production, butterfly farm layout, permit application, marketing, farmer networking, sources for supplies, and more.

With the three-day seminar/internship, you learn a part of everything. These are the basic topics we cover, in a five-step program.
#1 – Eggs – egg production, disinfecting eggs, where eggs are laid, egg parasitoid, infertile eggs, coaxing a butterfly to lay eggs on a cold rainy day, hatching eggs, egg cannibalism, host plant placement, genetics, genetic bottlenecks, and even more about eggs.
#2 – Caterpillars – caterpillar biology, molting, food, sanitation, biology, diseases, disinfecting, parasitoids, rearing containers/methods, predators, screening, and more.
#3 – Chrysalises – pack larvae for shipping, pupae disinfection, pupae cooling, pupae pinning, adult emerging, adult care, and adult holding until shipment for release.
#4 – drop-shipping, packing/shipping adults, Painted Ladies and instant/artificial diet.
#5 – farm layouts, farmer networking, checking adults for disease, permits, release opposition, and recap anything and redo anything you have questions about from the week.

We include lessons that we learned the hard way. We discuss what we wish we had known and/or we learned the hard way.

All meals are included from breakfast of day one through supper of day three. It is important that we know of any allergies you may have.

One to two day programs include the same information but without as much depth. The longer the program, the more in-depth we can discuss each part of butterfly farming that you need to know. Spouses are welcome without an additional charge. Any meal we eat at a restaurant (normally one per day) are covered for the primary guest but are not covered for the spouse.

One-day program – $500
Two-day program – $800
Three-day program – $1000
Four-day program – $1200
Five-day program – $1350

Note: we can pick you up at the Gainesville airport if you fly into Florida. If we pick you up at the Jacksonville airport an additional $50 fee is added to the three-day program, $100 for the two-day program, and $150 for the three-day program. A trip to Jacksonville, including picking up our guest, takes four hours as well as fuel for our car.

Discounts are available if seminars include more than one paying guest. If several people wish to attend, prices will be lowered, according to the number of guests attending.

We will be glad to offer suggestions for a hotel or bed and breakfast nearby. During the time of your seminar/internship, we will transport you to and from the recommended bed and breakfast. You will not need a car if you fly into Gainesville or Jacksonville and we pick you up.

You are welcome to bring your camera to take photos as you visit and/or work at the butterfly farm.

PS – We no longer hold the actual seminar at the farm, due to space and time considerations. Instead, we do the hands-on part of the seminar/internship at the outdoor lab at our home and at the farm instead of only at the farm.

Available dates in 2018 are:
March 26-30
April 9-13
June 4-8
June 18-22
July 2-6
July 16-20
July 30 – August 3
August 13-17
August 27-31
September 10-14

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