Butterfly Farming (Butterfly Breeding) The How-to Seminar

Are you considering starting your own butterfly farm? We offer one to three day seminars, teaching all aspects of the business.

Butterfly chrysalises pupae at Shady Oak Butterfly Farm

Butterfly chrysalises at
Shady Oak Butterfly Farm

Guests from 13 different countries have attended our seminars or internships, learning the in’s and out’s of butterfly breeding.

A butterfly farm can range in size from one room to a larger farm, such as Shady Oak Butterfly Farm (in the photo below).

Learn more about the program by clicking on this sentence.

Shady Oak Butterfly Farm

Shady Oak Butterfly Farm

Check out the seminar details at the link above. Learn what topics are covered, price, and more by reading the linked page. You can contact us with questions or to schedule a butterfly farming seminar at edith@buyabutterfly.com.

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