Forget OE!?!

In October, on our facebook page, we are discussing things that kill our caterpillars/chrysalises/adult butterflies.

Monarch Couldn't Emerge - Does NOT have OE

Monarch Couldn’t Emerge
Does NOT have OE

Black spots on chrysalis - BUT NOT OE!

Black spots on chrysalis

Not OE spores - Pollen from a butterfly's abdomen

Not OE spores
Pollen from a butterfly’s abdomen

With Monarch butterflies, the focus is so pinned on OE that it reminds me of a magician imitating a pick-pocket. We are so busy looking at his right hand with the flashy tricks that we don’t see his left hand picking the subject’s pockets, right there in plain view.

OE can be deadly but the problem is that we focus so much on OE and blame so much on OE that too often the real disease/culprit is getting away with killing our butterflies right in front of us and we simply can’t see it because we are looking at the wrong thing.

Crumpled wings can be caused by many factors other than OE. Butterflies are often weak and unable to fly for various reasons that have nothing to do with OE. Adults are stuck in chrysalises without having OE. Chrysalises will have black spots without it being spots from OE. If OE was the only cause, this would happen only to Monarch and Queen butterflies. Instead, this happens to all species.

Please join us in October to learn what else causes these issues, how to identify the causes, and how to avoid them.

We will also discuss OE and how to avoid OE. OE as well as the other issues are serious. The more we know, the more we can help our butterflies.

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