Moth Caterpillars Are Fun!

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Hieroglyphic Moth - Diphtera festiva

Hieroglyphic Moth
Diphtera festiva

Over the last few years, we’ve photographed every moth caterpillar that we could find on our land in Bradford County, Florida. Identifying them is a challenge. One of my favorite caterpillar books are Caterpillars of Eastern North America by David L. Wagner. For butterfly caterpillars, the best book for Florida is Florida Butterfly Caterpillars and Their Host Plants by by Marc C. Minno, Jerry F. Butler, and Donald W. Hall. Between those books, searching many websites, and uploading images to, we have identified many of them.

Hickory Horned Devil - Regal Moth - Royal Walnut Moth

Hickory Horned Devil
Regal Moth
Royal Walnut Moth

Finally, we’ve began placing them on this website. We add new caterpillars when we have a new one identified. Most are added to the top of the page. If we have a different color or instar of a caterpillar that is already on the page, we will upload the new photo in the same area of the page as the other photos of that species.

Check it out! Do you find these caterpillars in your yard?

Banded Sphinx Moth

Banded Sphinx Moth

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