New Disease and OE Parasite Pages

As much as we love bright beautiful pages, understanding disease and parasites helps us grow more bright beautiful butterflies.

Male Monarch butterfly Danaus plexippus on Zinnia

Male Monarch butterfly
Danaus plexippus
Zinnia Flower

Monarch and Queen butterflies are susceptible to a parasite we call OE. It’s full name is Ophryocystis elektroscirrha, which explains why people call it “OE”.

OE weakens Monarch butterflies. It can, if the infection is bad enough, cripple or kill them.

You can learn more about OE here in our disease section of this website.

The two new pages are:
Do My Monarchs Have OE?
OE in Monarch Butterfly Chrysalises (How to tell if a chrysalis has a bad OE infection).

In addition, we finally created a menu for this website. Although we have only a few pages at this time, we’re growing every week!

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