Should I separate chrysalises when they pupate on each other?

Too often swallowtail chrysalises pupate on each other. Every now and then other species will do the same thing.

A Swallowtail butterfly chrysalis sewn shut when another caterpillar pupated on it

A Swallowtail butterfly chrysalis was sewn shut when another caterpillar pupated on it

Separating Swallowtail butterfly chrysalises

Separating Swallowtail butterfly chrysalises

We are often asked if they should be separated. If so, how can they be separated safely? Those are great questions.

Some people don’t separate them and have had both butterflies emerge fine. Others don’t separate them and the first one dies, never able to emerge. Why?

Others try to separate them but end up killing one of them. What did they do wrong?

Today we tackled these questions and here are your answers ….. all in one page! Should I separate and how to separate butterfly chrysalises.

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